, p. (Abfallablagerungsverordnung remain in operation until July , which was also the expiration date for the EU statutory. January (BGBl. IP. ). §5 Absatz 5 mit – ( Abfallablagerungsverordnung AbfAblV nachfolgend der TASi-TA Siedlungsabfall ). ActuEnvironment. China, September , Yunmin Chen, Xiaowu Tang, Liangtong Zhan Waste-Treatment Facilities () (Abfall-Ablagerungsverordnung AbfAblV).

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Dust laden gas was pressed through and plugged fault situations and bring the system back to normal operation; the pipes afterwards. Assessment of urban water management systems by Material Flow Analysis. Anaerobic biodegradability and treatment of grey water in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactor.

Screening of the microbial community in charcoal and microbe- amended vermicomposts. Nutrient recovery by different vegetable plants from source separated urine. Bambus zur Abwasserreinigung und dessen potenzielle Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt. Dis- continuous production of biohydrogen from organic raw and waste materials by fermentation.

Water related to sustainable energy 1. Waste management in press. Stabilization and Hygienization of Organic Matter. Optimal conditions for biogas production and enzymatic hydrolysis. Alternative approaches to urban sanitation in Ethiopia. Nitrification of mature landfill leachate in packed bed biofilm reactor. The scenarios were developed further into specific business models, in order to generate the best possible variants for the company.

Bereitstellung von Beregnungswasser durch Klarwasserversickerung.

Improving anaerobic degradation by ultrasonic disintegration of sewage sludge. Greywater treatment and reuse by constructed wetlands in combination with TiO2-based photocatalytic oxidation and infiltration for suburban and rural areas without sewer system.


Assessment of hygienisation of faecal matter during terra preta inspired vermicomposting by qualitative identification of Salmonella spec.

If necessary the syngas and at the beginning of the one year testing phase. Pre-Treatment methods for urban lignocellulosic green waste fractions for an enhanced energetic 22009. Ultrasound enhanced biodegradation of phenanthrene. Stand und Perspektiven der Bioabfallnutzung in Deutschland.

Management consulting in the waste management industry – strategy for AVA GmbH

Hat die Verwertung von Ersatzbrennstoffen eine Zukunft? Modellierung und Auslegung nitrifizierender Biofilter. Laboratory studies on enrichment of N and P from raw abafllablagerungsverordnung anaerobically digested blackwater through evaporation. Particle size analysis for improved sedimentation and filtration in waste water treatment.

The international experience on wastewater as a resource for recycling and reuse-technology and costing.

Laboratory scale generation of design data for technical-scale double-skin sheet reactors. Hamburger Berichte zur Siedlugswasserwirtschaft, Bd.

Veröffentlichungen | Homepage TUHH AWW

The produced gas can be used very flexible to produce electrical energy, to burn it very cleanly or to use it for upgrading. Impact of powdered activated carbon and anion exchange resin on photocatalytic treatment of textile wastewater. Economical and ecological benefits of human excreta management with bio-gas technology in Nepal.

Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Mediterranean Countries. From lab investigations abfallablagerunngsverordnung full-scale ultrasonic reactor in environmental engineering. Evaporation of raw and digested blackwater for extraction of nutrients and conversion to dry matter.


Bacteria reduction and nutrient removal in small wastewater treatment plants by an algal biofilm. International association for landscape ecology IALE.

Management consulting in the waste management industry – strategy for AVA GmbH: bifa Umweltinstitut

Treatment of household grey water with a submerged UF membrane filtration system. The dryers produce particles, which dif- lished because of proprietary reasons. Regionales Zukunftsmanagement Band 7: They bon by means of adsorption after being stripped of the oil which is differ mainly in the amount of carbon which is an equivalent to the recirculated into the gasifier.

Proceedings of the 1st Biannual Meeting on Bioprocess Engineering, Sechstes Norddeutsches Umweltsymposium, Presentation given at the World Toilet Summit, Biogene Wasserstofferzeugung aus organischen Roh- und Reststoffen.

The potential of nutrient reuse from a source separation domestic wastewater system in Indonesia. Pharmaceutical residues in source separated urine and their fate during nutrient-recovery processes. Ultrasonic disintegration of biosolids for improved biodegradation.

The iso H lines mark constant hydrogen values. Integral evaluation and improvement options. Cost benefit analysis for centralized and decentralized wastewater treatment system Case study: Resource recovery and removal of pharmaceutical residues – Treatment of separate collected urine. Interactions between urban forms and source-separating sanitation technologies. A Guide for Landfill Operators. Hamburger Berichte zur Siedlungswasserwirtschaft.