An allodial title gives you absolute right to land, without any obligation to any landlord, sovereign Getting allodial title is sometimes called getting a land patent. In this case, the owner will have an absolute title over his or her property. Property owned under allodial title is referred as allodial land. Allodial lands are the. Id. at At the lowest. MEMORANDUM OF LAW HISTORY, FORCE & EFFECT OF THE LAND PATENT. SECTION I. ALLODIAL v FEUDAL TITLES.

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An agreement with Great Britain that gave the United States undisputed claim to the Pacific Northwest south of the 49th parallel. According payents conservative estimates, possibly half a million U.

However, in all these cases, it is also clear that if the title ceases to be used for the purposes for which it was granted, it reverts to the state or the federal government.

The right to use the land does not grant absolute title. Thus, “fee simple absolute” is an over broad, catch-all, phrase that encompasses all interests in land from allodial down to naked possession.

The founding fathers knew free men could survive only as long as they owned allodial title to property, because it is this type of ownership that accounted for broad spectrum distribution of income and preservation of the common law jury system, which they referred to as the “palladium,” or the very comer stone, of liberty.

Steps to secure a Land Patent: Supreme Court this past spring.

Steps to Secure a Land Patent

My job is to get him and others to express their opinion. The case of Arrison v Harmstad, 2 Barrand Wallace v Harmstad, 3 Harrishaving settled that an action of debt on such ground-rent deed, or on the original contract prior to the deed, but supposed to be executed by possession, or for use and occupation, or of covenant on the ground-rent deed, will not lie–that all the covenants in the deed are gone, and that the estate in the land is vested in the grantee, freed and discharged therefrom–that the spoliator may lose, but could not gain from his wrongful act, and that any innocent purchaser of the rent is in no better condition, having bought from the spoliator nothing at all, and that there is no similitude between these cases and the case of negotiable paper in third hands, the owner of this deed, Mrs.


The truth is, that this obligation, which is reciprocal to the right of protection, results out of the political relations between the government and the citizen, and bears no relation whatever to his land titles any more than to his personal property.

Escheat, with us, depends on positive statute, which makes the state the heir of property on defect of known kindred of the decedent. The resulting title is sometimes mistakenly called “allodial” but strictly speaking it is not the same thing, as there may be additional strings attached to the deal. Is that what you’re saying? Ground-rents are rents-service of which distress is a necessary incident: Black’s Law Dictionwy, 5th Ed.

Well hang on, we’re getting warm.

Allodial Titles and Land Patents

Request a certified copy of the land patent. Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Ed. Having an allodial title will not eliminate any debt or mortgage if any titel presently attached to your land or property. As for this instance Deeds generally – Deeds constitute colors of title BI 7 and a deed that purports to convey interest in land is a color of title. If the original land alloial is immune from equitable or collateral attack, then so is yours.

Allodial Title Law and Legal Definition

In an effort to track a big story called land patents, Acres U. Laand merely established the northern boundary of the Louisiana Purchase as the 49th parallel to the Rocky Mountains, nothing more, nothing less. That ground-rent is a rent-service was demonstrated in Ingersoll v Sergeant, 1 Wh.


That of course led to collecting and reading books and information about mining claims and U. There are no allodial titles anywhere in the United States. A grant by a public authority vesting title to public land in a private natural person. For today, those conditions are paetnts property tax, land use laws and permits.

Please watch for our forthcoming book on Land Patents and taking back America. If some land remained unoccupied, Jefferson said: They have a whole library of information on different legal issues, especially dealing with property matters. We are then to regard the Revolution and these Acts of Assembly as emancipating every acre of soil of Pennsylvania from the grand characteristics of the feudal system.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Allodial lands are the absolute property of their owner and not subject to any rentservice, or acknowledgment to a superior. A color of title is that which in appearance is title but which in reality is not title; [B] 1 and, in fact, any instrument may constitute color of title when it purports to convey title to the land, as well as the land itself, although it is void as a muniment of title. Even when an easement is to be suswned by [] prescription, or a right of way by necessity, a grant is presumed from long enjoyment, of the easement, or from the necessity for the right of way, and thus again the result of the evidence is to establish the grant.