Section of bidegorri or cycle path between Gallarta – Playa de La Arena and the Vizcaya suspension bridge, historical town centre, Salazar Tower, Basilica of. Bidegorri – Cycle Lane. Trapaga Ortuella Joint Venture Orconera Cycle Path; Project Location: Trapaga Ortuella. Bizkaia; Project GPS Reference: View. Asfaltos Uribe, S.A.. Born from the continuation of Sabino Uribe Bilbao, who started business in in the field of Mastic Asphalt Paving, Public Works and.

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Urdaibai can easily be explored by bike.

Improvement of junctions in Barrika and Plentzia. Gastronomy Where to eat. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, a castle on the rock at sea More information. Seen from above, the trees make complex images. From intheir number rose to 34, in Explosive cyclogenesis and floods Then you can go to the visitor centre, housed in a chapel, where they show a 60min 3D film recreating the interior of the cave. It is a green treasure and a natural paradise, featuring fine-sand beaches, leafy wetlands and lots of amazing birds.

The most common types of accommodation in Urdaibai-Busturialdea are country hotels, lodges and campsites.

There is room for art and history in Urdaibai as well. Asphalting of the Aoiz fronton court in Navarra. The wetlands play a key role in the Urdaibai ecosystem. Roads, paths and cycle lanes. You can also hike your way around, but it is a big area, so it is a lot to walk. Usamos cookies para personalizar su contenido y crear una mejor experiencia para usted.


Car There are four ways of getting to Urdaibai: Several Bizkaibus lines will take you to Urdaibai from Bilbao: If you are visiting Nabarniz, you should try the local beans.

It is an easy trip for all ages, and a perfect plan for families or groups of friends.

Urbanisation of Correos and Gipuzkoa streets in Portugalete. All those trees, along with its geographical location, shelter the Siete Robles area from the prevailing winds.

Asphalting of the Labrit fronton courts. It is a great family plan. Moved by the love of the land, they work hard to protect their environment and make visitors feel welcomed. It was founded bidegorru a company on the first of April When you finish the route, follow the panels leading to the Oma road, past the districts of Basondo and Elexalde, and back to the cider house.

Reconditioning and widening of lanes in Ibarrangelu. Tu privacidad es importante para nosotros Usamos cookies para personalizar su contenido y crear una mejor experiencia para usted. The remains of a mineral loading jetty lie amongst the reefs, and calcining furnaces do so nearby.

Urdaibai: The green lungs of Bizkaia – Urdaibai: The green lungs of Bizkaia – Turismo

Lives bathed by the sea More information. You will arrive at Kobaron, where you will be able to contemplate the bidegrri kilns of the old mine of Avelina, before returning via the same path. The whole tour about 8. Stamped asphalt in Plaza San pedro in Galdames.


The result is biodiversity: Urbanisation of paving areas. Then go down the trail into the woods.

Indian peafowls, herons, common pochards… They know they will find no better place than Urdaibai along their long migratory routes! The mineral came from Triano, and it was exported bivegorri England, Belgium and France onboard vessels. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Urdaibai where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Junction on the BI road bikzaia Derio. Bus Several Bizkaibus lines will take you to Urdaibai from Bilbao: The first stretch, going uphill, is the toughest.

Urdaibai: The green lungs of Bizkaia

Services offered by the business are contained in three main areas: In the neighbourhood of Santelices, in the direction of Sopuerta, we must take a turnoff on the road indicating to La Arboleda. Public square and car park for vehicles in SR3. Somewhat further along the line, you will see the spectacular mineral loading area, unique in the coast of Bizkaia, which used to tilt the product directly onto the holds of the vessels that exported iron to Belgium, France and Great Britain.

Next to the large car park is a salt marsh, with plants that have adjusted to a saline, wet environment.

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