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Sex Education 9 Religious repression is constitutive of the Enlightenment notion of secular freedom, rfsll notes. Notes for a radical theory of the politics of sexuality.

Girls are provided with free access to the contraceptive pill through the school health services from the age of 16 the age of consent Bartz Sex Education 13 Folkehelseinstituttet. Still missing after all these years. Historical review and current challenges]. Undervisning om seksualitet ved ungdomsskolene i Trondheim kommune [Teaching about sexuality in secondary schools in Trondheim]. The shortcomings in Norwegian sex education that can be identified from feminist and queer perspectives are not due to any ill will or explicit disagreement with ideas about equality on behalf of providers.

Changes are good for your mind and creativity. Homotolerance and heteronormativity in Norwegian classrooms. Teachers and health professionals in Norwegian schools can on the whole be assumed to want to provide young women and men with correct, Downloaded by [Stine H. The Nordic model in education: See and read more here This was a part of the project Pegasus as I did earlier in the summer.

Here’s a small preview of one of them: The evening is hosted by University Chaplains http: Students are given necessary information about contraception in relation to heterosexual intercourse, as well as the basics of sexual ethics in a comparatively sex positive model. Pleasure, then, is discussed in the imaginary framework of reproductive utility. Next up is a Speed Meet tomorrow 8th October evening at While acknowledging the link between queer and same-sex practices in both English and Scandinavian usage, I strive to retain the broad understanding of non-normative sex practices described by Rubinwhich I believe is also instructive for understanding a substantial part of heterosexual teenage sex practices as inherently troubling, approaching queer, in their non-normativity.


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SFQ Uppsala | – Välkommen! | Sida 4

At this point, when Nordic societies are touting their sexual freedom as a defining characteristic of their nations and culture, it would be a good time to test the content of that freedom rfso a sex education agenda that is explicit about sexual practices and sexual pleasure. It also shows a heavy insistence on teaching about sexual orientation in various ways. Queer activism and antioppressive education.

While sexuality as a public knowledge system can become Downloaded by [Stine H. Sexuality, schooling, and adolescent females: Teenage sex practices are often seen as queer practices, as they are not always as safe, private and comfortable as adults like to imagine.


Get real about sex: I have already noted that the struggle for civil partnership rights, and later marriage rights, in Norway has been significant for subsequent changes in sex education for sexual minorities. February 25 – Site release On this foggy morning on Kocksgatan 17 I finally found enough time to finish and publish this new website.

While homosexuality is included in the national curriculum at all levels of compulsory education, the sexual practices involved in same-sex relations remain conspicuously absent from the education provided. A history of gay marriage in Scandinavia. It is remarkable how intensely political and desexualised homosexuality is in Norwegian sex education. Experience, need, and sex and relationship education. Although teachers commonly express disappointment that the LGBT movement is less and less willing to provide tolerance pedagogy, the tradition of civil society involvement makes it difficult to reject RESTART and other newly developed programmes that challenge reproductive futurism as a basis for sex education.


We have two fun events coming up.

July – Vacation! See more of the illustrations for MUCF here.

RFSL Ungdom

The following quote is a telling example of these problematic depictions: It is also based on active integration of available civil society-driven programmes, which secures pedagogic innovation and variation. On request, meeting reports can be attained. Wednesday 14th October there will be a Rainbow evening in cooperation with the University Chaplaincy Universitetskyrkan.

That seems to imply, however, that sustained heteronormative underpinnings in Norwegian notions of good sex education must be challenged in more fundamental ways than the politics of lesbian and gay rights and feminism have thus far achieved. In both Norway and Sweden, the gay and lesbian movement has provided schools with programmes in support of tolerance pedagogy, based on coming out stories Bromseth and Wildow However, there are a number of harmful sexual practices young people can engage in when in pursuit of pleasure, with or without lubricant.

Furthermore, teachers and school nurses address issues concerning sexual harassment and sexual assault within a framework where men gfsl than women are considered responsible for these problems. Yet, teaching for sexual pleasure, if it is to mean anything substantial at all, has to involve such potentialities. When the new board is being elected, it is important that we choose or at least decide on how and when to choose: Klamydiainfeksjoner i Norge — stabil forekomst [Chlamydia infections in Norway — a stable incidence].

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