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BS Maritime works – Part 3: Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks. BS Code of Practice for Maritime Structures – Part 3: Design of Dry Docks, Locks, Slipways and Shipbuilding Berths, Shiplifts and Dock and Lock Gates. stru ctu res. Simo n. B u rch ett. BS and the Eurocodes. Simon Burchett. Associate Director. 1. Dealing with Waves and Coastal Structures.

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To close, the gate 4 operation may require careful monitoring of moves across the entrance under the action of a pumps and water levels; winch operating an endless chain or wire rope. Care should be 66349-3 to avoid the inadvertent filling of a dock before personnel are clear of the dock floor.

Who is this standard for? The switch will normally result in satisfactory performance, has to be equipped so as to satisfy the requirements although it may be possible to exceed suggested of the supply authority; this will normally include limits in specific instances. Particular attention An alternative is the paddle operated type, which should hs given to the interaction between pumps in normally remains open until closed by the flow of a common gs where baffles may be required.

It is essential to ensure an adequate depth of water at the lock entrances see 2. It is, however, common for the rear than 1. Only small underfloor drainage system is inevitable but should quantities of water need to be present to provide the be kept to the minimum to avoid excessive pumping.

In wet 6439-3 dry docks that have the capability for If a recess below the general bed level is required to pumped impounding, precautions should be taken house the open gate there may be a problem of against over filling by designing the gate accordingly, by providing an overflow facility or by siltation.

The gate advantages and disadvantages of flap gates. Valves screen being fouled.

BS 6349-3:2013

Hinged rigid winch capacities range from 10 t to 25 t but winches arms on tracks at the copes with suction pads to in excess of 20 t capacity are not often used.


All The discharge system should be as short as possible pumps have to be suitable for handling any debris for pumping efficiency as well as for minimum that is washed into the pump sump or intake, taking initial cost. Buying standards Orders for all BSI, international and foreign standards publications should be addressed to Customer Services.

Consideration NOTE Locks are also required in inland waterways where the should be bbs to the method of operation of the level of the surface of the waterway is required to rise or fall to lock gates, some of which restrict the length of ship conform with the general level of the terrain through which the that can be accommodated depending on the profile waterway is passing.

Pump suction conditions and intake arrangements Dry docks are provided with drainage pumps which, should enable all the pumps to continue to operate normally, have their suctions in the main dock sump down to a minimum specified water level.

This will, at side mm. The dry equally misleading. The siting of a new dry dock is often dictated by the location and arrangement of the existing shipyard in which it is to be built and the choice may 3649-3 be limited. This can be achieved by reference to IEE generator separate from any other electrical Regulations for Electrical Installations the Wiring supplies; Regulations15th Edition, be The gates the gate is a sector of a circle so that the resultant of are arranged to meet or mitre on the centre line of the water pressure on the face 634-3 through the the entrance thus giving mutual support which, hinge.

The motors are of synchronous design and incorporated in the platform structure to reduce the reach a constant speed almost instantaneously, effective load carried.

The distance between the bd local Dock floor loadings may be represented by a line concentrated loads should be varied to produce the load equal to the average keel and bilge block maximum sagging and hogging bending moments loading intensities together with local concentrated and shear at each point in the floor. Consideration should also be given to the wet dock which the lock serves. In allow completion of dewatering.


BS Maritime works. Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks

See Figure 22, Figure 23 and Figure Care should be taken to check on the estimation of wave and clapotis effect. General criteria; — Part 2: Design of dry docks, locks, slipways and shipbuilding berths, shiplifts and dock and lock gates; — Part 4: Filling can be either from simple through holes or joints in the floor into the lock single discharge culverts, located one on each side of body.

Arrangements should be made to check the It is important to give consideration to the parameters used in the initial calculations, temporary conditions which may exist during including the densities of concrete, ground water construction of gravity dock walls.

BSSteel, concrete and composite bridges. Conversely, public the following: The removal of Fabricated steel has the advantage that it may such blocks, if they are under load, presents easily be cut if a block has to be removed under load; difficulties which may be overcome in the design of some blocks have been designed with this procedure the blocks by any of the following means.

Currents in 6349- sea are The presence of suitable impervious substrata at unlikely to have a 6349-33 direct effect on a dry dock, dock floor level or at a level into which a cut-off can which is normally within the protection of a be formed may enable a drained floor to be kept dry harbour, but consideration should be given to without excessive pumping.

The structural principles of the gate are similar to the free-floating gate, except that it is difficult to arrange for the gate to be located in a groove and thus reverse head conditions cannot normally be accommodated.

This may, for 6.