Castlestone Aliquot Gold Bullion from Castlestone Management current prices, cumulative, discrete & annual performances of funds with Commodity & Energy . Castlestone’s Aliquot Agriculture and Commodity funds have been added to FPI’s Singapore range. In a statement, Castlestone explained the Aliquot Commodity fund, the Aliquot Agriculture fund and the Intelligent Portfolio Asset Allocation.

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The library also houses enforcement actions taken and published by the Commission. Aliquot Gold Bullion Inc.

All potential investors should take appropriate investment advice before considering an investment into any Castlestone Management investment product.

For more information on Castlestone Management Inc. The Commission took the decision to lift the Directive with effect from 20 September, Financial products carry a number of inherent risks.

Aliquot Commodity Fund Inc.

A more detailed explanation of the restrictions associated with investing in each investment product is located in the prospectus for each investment product. The provided information is confidential.

Castlestone Management believes that customer satisfaction is to be provided by speedy access to those personnel best placed to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Income payments may constitute a return of capital in whole or in part.

Please note that when accessing another site by way of a hypertext link you will leave the Castlestone Management site. A further statement will be made by the company as soon as possible. Regulated Entities The Commission maintains this public list of regulated entities for the benefit of market participants and the public.

Castlestone raided by FSA | Money | The Guardian

We are not recommending or making any representations as to suitability of any product or the tax, legal or accounting treatment of any product. The comodity contained on this page is intended for and directed at investment professionals and is not intended for retail customer use. They represent the views of Castlestone Management Inc. Disclaimer Castlestone Management takes all reasonable coommodity to ensure that the information contained in this site is accurate, current and complies with all applicable law.

Adverse government policies, taxation, restrictions on foreign investment and on currency convertibility and repatriation, currency fluctuations and other developments in the laws and regulations of emerging countries in which investment may castlesone made, including expropriation, nationalisation or other confiscation could result in financial loss.


Any person considering an investment should seek appropriate professional advice for further advice and information. Its portfolio consisted of three commodities funds investing in the likes of precious metals, agriculture and energy, and one multi-asset fund investing in equities, bonds, properties and currencies, among others.

Castleshone projections and opinions expressed herein are expressed solely as general market commentary and do not constitute investment advice or guaranteed return.

Investors looking for exposure to physical gold bullion held primarily in allocated accounts. Any such use without of the respective holders’ express permission shall constitute an infringement of the holders’ rights. Certain investment positions may be illiquid. Fund charges may be applied in whole or part to capital, which may result in capital erosion.

Castlestone raided by FSA

This scheme has been entered into the List of Restricted Schemes by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under paragraph 2 3 of the Sixth Schedule to the Securities and Futures Offers of Investments Collective Investment Schemes Regulations for distribution to institutional and accredited investors. Links to other sites The links to other sites on the internet in this site are solely to enable you to access further information on related topics. Castlestone’s product literature indicates that it charges a standard annual management fee of 1.

Castlestone Management means Castlestone Management Incorporated, and its directors, officers, employees, agents and affiliates. Castlestone Management reserves the right in its absolute discretion at any time and without notice to remove, amend or vary any of the content which appears on any page of this site, including any terms and conditions. Any forward-looking statements concerning the financial condition, results of operations and businesses of Castlestone Management expressed or implied, are based on management’s current expectations and assumptions, which may change without notice, and are no guarantee of future results, performance or events.

Services – Sidebar 2. Income from investments may fluctuate and investors may not recoup the amount originally invested. The value of investments and any income derived from them can go down as well as up and the value of an investor’s investment may be extremely volatile and be subject to sudden and substantial falls.

Furthermore, no warranty or guarantee can be given that this site shall be available on an uninterrupted or continual basis and no liability can be accepted in respect of losses or damages arising out of any unavailability.

It was reported at the time that Castlestone had not been complying with tougher new rules introduced to cover investments known as Ucits IV funds which included three of the foureven though compliance is not fully required until mid Where data is held about you, Castlestone Management will only use this for the purposes to which you have agreed.


Any details you give will remain confidential and will only be disclosed to the extent that such disclosure is made at your request or with your consent, or where Castlestone Management is compelled to make such disclosure under applicable law.

Monday – Friday 8: Investment in emerging market funds involves risk factors and special considerations which may not be typically associated with investing in more developed markets.

Go to Castlestone Management Inc. Castlestone Management accepts no liability for any loss or damage, direct, indirect, special, consequential or otherwise, howsoever caused and occurring, that arises from accessing or relying upon the information contained in this site.

The contents of this website are based upon sources of information believed commpdity be reliable, however, save to the extent required by applicable law or regulations, no guarantee, warranty or representation express or implied is given as to its accuracy or completeness. The information cpmmodity opinions contained herein should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any investment product nor shall any such investment products be offered or sold to any person in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the laws of such jurisdiction.

Castlestone Management treats all the information provided by investors and prospective investors with maximum care and applies relevant security measures to it. Income may be achieved by foregoing future capital growth in Income share classes. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for you use of this site and all the information you utilize from it; all warranties, conditions, undertakings, representations and terms whether expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise are excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Friday, 20 September, Low Volatility Income Fund Inc.