The Graphite Series T makes it easy to build a world-class gaming system. With excellent cooling from the dual mm fans, eight PCI-E expansion slots to . The Graphite Series T is a sleek, streamlined case designed to bring full tower functionality to the mid tower market. With four ” bays, six hard drive bays. The T is a joy to build a PC in, and has some water-cooling credentials – is this your next case?.

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Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. In theory this is a good thing, as the wider the case, the more room for large, quiet fans and tidying cables behind the motherboard tray.

Corsair will make cases, has TEC cooled memory. Part of this is down to the fact cosair the T is generously proportioned for a midi-tower case at x x mm W x D x H.

Corsair’s first foray into the chassis market drives a stake into the heart of the usual contenders and rips the market wide open. Fractal Design Define R3 Review. Corsair launches speakers, cases, coolers and more.

Corsair Graphite Series T Specifications. Corsair Graphite Series T Review. We’ve updated our testing to be even tougher, but the Raven RV02 coped brilliantly with the new kit. Today we open with what is hopefully the first in a fresh series of case reviews, and we kick it off with a bang with Corsair’s Graphite Series T.

Is this our next upgrade, or has Corsair over-thought this matt black behemoth?


It hardly has the sleekmenacing lines that most of its competitors share. Unfortunately for the T, the effect of these extra inches is to make the case look bloated and unwieldy.

Corsair Graphite Series 600T: Cool and Quiet

That said, a good case is the kind of investment that can last you a long time. Corsair Graphite Series T: Not Perfect, but Very Close! The Corsair name is appearing on everything from water coolers to PSUs these days, so it was realistically only a matter of time before it started to produce cases too.

That said, the P, P and P aren’t the easiest cases to work in, and when Corsair announced the T I was eager to see if it could bring all the benefits Antec’s cases brought to the table while adding more conveniences. Log in Don’t have an account? Cool and Quiet by Dustin Sklavos on November 26, 2: With clever noise-reducing features and great looks, is this your next case?

Cases have matured in the intervening period, and I can tell you right now, Corsair’s T is a remarkable bit of progress. Corsair Obsidian D Review. That pricing puts it right in line with crowd favorites like Antec’s P and many of Lian Li’s enclosures: Corsair Graphite T Review Manufacturer: Here’s the rundown of the case specs.

Crazy but cool comes to mind.

Corsair Graphite Series T: Cool and Quiet

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The T is the first Corsair case to get the full bit-tech test treatment, and first impressions of the case were pretty mixed to say the dorsair.

BitFenix’s debut boasts a unique LED lighting setup. Corsaur the Corsair Graphite Series T Today we open with what is hopefully the first in a fresh series of case reviews, and we kick it off with a bang with Corsair’s Graphite Series T.


Corsair finally launches Link Cooling, Lighting 6000t. We take an in-depth look at Corsair’s latest full tower chassis with latched panels and LED fans. Corsair’s case family now includes the racy looking Graphite T – can it keep up with the rest? Assuming this isn’t some kind of Freudian thing, why on earth did they design the case in such a way?

The update to the Define R2 is officially our favourite quiet case, read on to see why! Corsair Carbide R Review.

Corsair Graphite T Review | TechPowerUp

A rotated ATX design, great looks, a pimped-out interior and three enormous fans. Having said that, the T is a stunning beauty when you look at it next to the Antec Dark Fleet.

Asus Apple Sony Google Valve.

We put Antec’s new high airflow case through its paces. Corsair UK Price as reviewed: I’ve had my system installed in an Antec P for a long time, and there’s a reason that case and its successor, vorsair P corsairr garnered so many favorable reviews: Corsair Link, the monitoring system first unveiled at CES last year, is finally becoming available at retail.

We peel back the side panels to find out more. We get our mits on the R – Corsair’s new watercooling-friendly mid-tower case.