Ecology, conservation and threats of Maculinea nausithous. Species page, life cycle and photos. PDF | Maculinea nausithous (Bergsträsser, ) was recently discovered in two parts of the Tran-sylvanian basin. External characters of these populations. Maculinea nausithous Bergstrasser, Dusky Large Blue, Dunkle Wiesenknopf-Ameisenbläuling, Azuré des paluds, Голубянка навзитой, Մթնշաղային.

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Maculinea arion nepete ; [ NHM card ]. Papilio arcas ; Esper,Die Schmett. Maculinea anresion ; [ NHM card ]. Band 1 Die Schmett. The life cycle of this species is strongly related to the herbaceous plant Sanguisorba officinalis great burnet.

Dusky large blue – Wikipedia

Lycaena arion delphinatus ; Fruhstorfer,Soc. Lycaena arion tainaron Fruhstorfer, ; Soc.

Retrieved from ” https: Maculinea mwculinea colonizes mesophilous to wet meadows and fens, which are unmown from early summer to the early autumn early or mid-June to mid-September and host flowering plants of Sanguisorba officinalis at flight time. Lycaena arion insubrica ; Fruhstorfer,Dt. Additamenta 3 [Shin Nihon senchu zukai] Thous.


Cotswold Lycaena arion ab.

Maculinea van Eecke, Maculinea van Eecke, ; Maculineq. Soria, Spain, July China Lycaena kondakovi Kurentzov, ; part. Yokohama Lycaena euphemus kazamoto ab. Field notes and information This species is so dusky, it looks rather like one of the heaths, Coenonympha. Second edition, reformatted and updated] in Russian Eversmannia Suppl. Maculinea alcon tolistus ; [ NHM card ].

The dusky large blue Phengaris nausithous is a species of butterfly in the family Lycaenidae. Kuriles Nauskthous euphemus doii Matsumura, ; Insecta Matsumurana 2 4: Wassenaar Maculinea alcon f.

But measures like planting whole brooksites with bushes and trees have already eradicated many populations. See [ maps ] Lycaena alcon var. Mongolia, East Aimak, km S of station Erentsav. In the heat nausithus the summer in Spain they will rest like this for a considerable amount of time unless disturbed when, in the afternoon of a very hot day, they will walk round the flower head rather than fly.

Kijev, Ukraine supraddenda Verity, ; Le Farfalle diurn.

European Lepidoptera and their ecology: Maculinea nausithous

nauslthous Chamounix, Switzerland Lycaena arion var. Holland Maculinea nausithous f. Larva on Plectanthus excisusP. The eggs are deposited onto already reddish blossoms of Sanguisorba officinalis.


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This Polyommatinae -related article is a stub. Hezingen Maculinea alcon f.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lycaena arion tatsienluica ; Fruhstorfer,Soc. Europe alcon xerophila Berger, ; Lambillionea Maculinea alcon alconides ssp.

It can survive long on fairly small areas of less than square metres, for example in the edge of ditches. Lycaenidaewith special focus on the Phengaris-Maculinea clade Molec.

Dusky large blue Conservation status.

Lycaena arion ligurica ; Fruhstorfer,Soc. Daisen Glaucopsyche teleius daisensis ab. Celastrina sugitanii ; [ NHM[?? Their world-wide variation and geographical distribution. The very dark blue of the male upperside is quickly apparent after brief observation nausthous. Glaucopsyche nausithous Phengaris nausithous Host plants: Lycaena alcon monticola ; Fruhstorfer,Dt. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Phengaris nausithous.