Seventeen-year-old Kia barely survived her parents’ divorce several years ago. Now her mom is in the hospital battling cancer and Kia is stuck with. Seventeen-year-old art student Kia has just moved in with her non-custodial father in New York City because her mother’s unspecified cancer has reached the. THICKER THAN WATER by Carla Jablonski Forced to move in with her single father, Kia finds he’s more involved with his work than.

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I have always loved vampire stories, so I try to read as many of them as I can. She finds herself returning night after night, just hoping to see him and hoping to feel his touch. Then again, she was kind of a lunatic, which wasn’t really apparent until the end, and watwr then only jabloski of drastic actions, not thoughts or feelings.

I love that Damon’s all like, “Jesus! Sep 17, Rekha rated it liked it Shelves: Because I fell for it. Real life goths make a joke of it, considering how often goths get negative attention for their goth or vamp stuff.

Just a story with a slight twist that kind of leads nowhere. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The goth subculture is highly accepting of witchcraft and most goths are pagans of some kind.

Wiccan doesn’t equal witch. Although everything will never again be as it once was, Kia needs to learn to deal with her life, however unfair it may jablonsk, rather than running away from her problems.


I want all of my lovesick students to read this. Thicker Than Water by Carla Jablonski. Don’t think that there’s immortality. Even from her best friends, Carol and Aaron. But when Kia meets Damon, she begins to wonder if maybe a true vampire exists among them, one who could be the answer to all of her problems.

Anyway, Kia was kinda of annoying always saying that people don’t understand her and whatever. Her mom’s got cancer and she’s been in and out of the hospital darla her condition doesn’t look good – er WE know it doesn’t look good – but she still believes that her mom is going to make it. Maybe that’s just cause I’m a weird child. He’s so NOT a vampire; he’s just a regular guy hanging out in da clubz.

Carol and Aaron find the vampire gothic club scene more than a little disturbing, but Kia feels more at home in the dark vampire world than anywhere else. Carla Jablonski is the author and editor of dozens of best-selling books for teenage and middle-grade readers. Thats where she meets Damon and she can’t get him out of her mind.

Thicker than water : Carla Jablonski : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

There’s no way you’ll find a big group of goths in Highschool, you’ll be lucky if you even find one. The book was okay, but if you’re looking for a good vampire story to sink your teeth into, you may want to look somehwere else.


Kia is both a likeable and an unlikeable character. Paperbackpages. To view it, click here. She continues to work freelance as an editor for publishers and for private clients, even as she writes novels and creates new series. If this had been set in a university it would h Firstly this book might as well be a sorta non fiction book.

No trivia or quizzes yet. However, I wish the book was longer.

Thicker Than Water – Carla Jablonski – Google Books

To help her deal with the pain, Kia sometimes resorts to cutting herself. She doesn’t act 17 in any kind of way, more like 14 or 15 to me. You’d be one pissy goth and likely have high blood pressure if you were even half as touchy as Kia is. And her dad, the ex-husband, is emotionally distant, doesn’t go to visit the ex-wife with his daughter and instead travels a lot for work.

Books by Carla Jablonski.

They call it siring?