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It is a commentary on people and the tendency for our hopes to be destroyed by our inability to truly see the best and right course of action.

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

It does everything for its occupants. So, the Martians euthanized them. What is witty and sardonic and tender and angry and, finally, full of its own strange and painfully human soulfulness?

He bgadbury his short stories to a dozen publishers and no one wanted them. Wonder glazes the sky with sparks and lines of light, while dread permeates as an undercurrent. What has a little – just a little – hope for it yet? His beadbury to his Martians of psi powers –the possibility of which, to say the least, is undemonstrated– also doesn’t please hard SF purists.

He has finally achieved this monumental feat, and when he arrived he expected to be greeted as a hero; he expected to be greeted with open arms by the Martians. Walter was lonely even before everyone left for earth and now he is lonelier still, so when he finds Genevieve he is elated.

I am pretty sure he is so integrated into how and what he writes, I could probably guess that a book is written by Bradbury after just a few paragraphs and that is not me bragging on my ability to figure out who wrote something, it is just that obvious that it is Bradbury. It’s one of the most memorable stories I’ve ever read. In he created the interior metaphors for the Spaceship Earth display at Epcot Center, Disney World, and later contributed to the conception of the Orbitron space ride at Euro-Disney, France.


Cronicas Marcianas/ Alien Chronicles by Bradbury, Ray

Mar 20, Werner rated it liked it Recommends it for: But in case of this book, the five stars have nothing to do with genre.

I discovered, thanks to Wiki, that one tale having to do with race relations, was not included in this The Martian Chronicles is an amazing collection of interconnected stories about Mars.

Sometimes they wear masks of different colors, masks with different expressions. In the meantime, you can read hradbury entire review at Smorgasbook.

There are two writers whose stories grew with me – Roald Dahl and Ray Bradbury. Children play with golden spiders. This book is a fix-up novel which is something between an anthology and a novel, and it benefits from both of its sibling formats. View all 11 comments. As in his autobiographical book Dandelion Wine, there is a streak of nostalgic despair in Bradbury, a hankering to go back to the days of his Waukegan, Illinois boyhood. They felt they had never been born.

When I first read this fifty years ago I thought this book was sweet, fanciful, both a romantic call to Tune In and Drop Out of conventional society and a dark warning of bradbudy Apocalypse. The two houses symbolize two different approaches to living in the world. What a marvellous book. As a writer, he kind of reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe.

The governor wants to start a new life on Mars. To a degree, those criticisms miss the point, however: Un libro impresionante y un escritor maravilloso. And several of the stories posit a nuclear war on Earth, with the penultimate story, “There Will Come Soft Rains,” bradbur portraying the wanton total destruction of life and negation of human science and achievement that such a war would entail.


The Martian Chronicles discussion. People Martians with gold yellow eyes and brown brzdbury, capable of telepathy of understanding other languages … who read on metallic books with salient hieroglyphs. Books by Ray Bradbury. How about that for a useless intro?

When his old friend Captain Brabury arrives on Mars, the secret of how Hathaway coped with twenty years of loneliness is revealed. A must-read for sci-fi fans and fans of good writing in general. Can we ever change? I don’t normally say much about the contents or stories of books I review as I leave that up to the back cover or others to read themselves, but I will say this about The Martian Chronicles or Silver Locusts ; it is a wonderful s and 50s social commentary and as such it is like looking back into history given the dates of when the book is set, most of it is now set in the past anyway.

The Martian Chronicles

Two Martians with bronze skin and golden hair sit by a canal overlooking a bone-white city. The first two establish a balance that is carefully and seemingly effortlessly maintained throughout the book.

Fantascienza che diventa poesia; sci-fi che si tramuta, quasi impercettibilmente, in una sorta di fiaba dalla morale semplice e diretta.

This unique book is a collection of short stories connected by a series of vignettes which link the stories, advance the plot, and set the mood. For some time I bracbury held in my mind the names of the missions to Mars and the photos of TPS magazines: