There are an estimated , ACL repairs in the US each year: most ACL tears occurs from noncontact injuries. The % of the knee ligament injuries. Among femoral cortical suspension devices, the EndoButton CL . to confirm the position of the EndoButton after ACL reconstruction (Fig 3). One device used for femoral fixation of ACL grafts is the EndoButton Continuous Loop (Smith & Nephew. Endoscopy, Andover, Mass). This device has been well.

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Discussion Studies in animal models have been widely realized to understand the biomechanical performance of several devices to fix the hamstring tendons in the femoral side in ACL reconstruction.

The displacement was measured at 20,and load cycles to quantify the slippage of the graft during the test.

Considering the energy that the femur-graft complex has absorbed up to the point of fixation failure, there was not differences between the both techniques evaluated. Structural properties of six tibial fixation methods for anterior cruciate ligament soft tissue grafts.

In addition, there endobuyton a small possibility of injury to the lateral superior genicular artery.

Over the top or endobutton for ACL reconstruction?

However, arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is more technically complex, and inexperienced surgeons may have difficulty identifying the interposed soft tissue and EndoButton. Both techniques are able to support the immediate post-operative loading applied.

Knee Surg Sports Endobutyon Arthrosc.


EndoButton is an extra-articular device made of metallic button and a polyurethane ribbon Endotape. The laxity at cyclic test was lower, and the linear stiffness was higher than those for EndoButton.

Femoral fixation solution for ACL reconstruction | Smith & Nephew – Corporate

The sum of these factors may increase the graft micromovement and delay graft healing Fu et al. E The position of the EndoButton arrow is fixed to the lateral aspect of the femoral cortex. Hamstring tendon grafts for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament: The Bio Cross-Pin The procedure was sufficiently accurate for the purposes of this study, in fndobutton with clinical practice Kousa et al.

The porcine bone does not have the same bone mineral density as a healthy human bone.

Over the top or endobutton for ACL reconstruction?

Suture button—based femoral cortical suspension fixation of anterior cruciate ligament ACL grafts can facilitate a fast and secure graft fixation for ACL reconstruction. In the present approach, the yield load is assumed to be the last point of linear region of load-displacement curve. Switch the shaver to a Vulcan probe to remove any interposed soft tissue beneath the EndoButton.

Journal of Orthopaedic Science. Seating of TightRope RT button under direct arthroscopic visualization in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction to prevent potential complications.

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. FGraft-bone motion and tensile properties of hamstring and patellar tendon anterior cruciate ligament femoral graft fixation under cyclic loading. Our data showed that the Bio Cross-Pin fixation had lower laxity during cyclic loading than EndoButton.


The yield load has been advocated as the most important variable to be evaluated in the performance of fixation Kousa et al. Conclusion The results obtained ednobutton this experiment indicate that the Bio Cross-Pin technique promote stiffer fixation during cyclic loading as compared with EndoButton.

February 12, ; Accepted: How to cite this article. Surgical Technique The described ACL reconstruction technique was arthroscopically performed by the senior surgeon. Yasuo OhnishiM. Displacement at yield mm. Postoperative Rehabilitation A standardized postoperative protocol is implemented for each patient. A probe can be inserted through the same portal to help manipulate the EndoButton into the proper position at the lateral cortex of the femur by pulling the graft on the tibial side.

Our technique cannot be applied in the case of a migrated EndoButton resulting from malpositioning of the femoral bone tunnel. It happened in 5 cases. One is the use of animal tissues.

Pediatric anterior cruciate ligament femoral fixation: Previous studies have shown that the biomechanical performance of the Bio Cross-Pin is superior that the EndoButton during cyclic and failure loading test Ahmad et al.