Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler – Now in paperback, the first book in a new arc of the New York Times bestselling Kissed by an Angel series!It’s been a year. Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler – It’s been a year since Ivy’s boyfriend, Tristan , died. They’ve both moved on—Tristan to the other side of the afterlife, and. evercrossed chandler Book Review: Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler. (Im running a giveaway of Evercrossed’here. Aussie readers, pop over to enter!).

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It’s almost like Chandler couldn’t think of any other way to build a romance so she went back to the formula that worked in Kissed By An Angel. Tonight, with Will as its only occupant and his window facing away from the cottage, the building appeared dark.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. I know this is a book about angels but it’s not a book about faith.

For some reason, Ivy cannot get over the death of her late boyfriend, Tristan, who died over a year before in their chandldr at least in a horrific intentional accident, which is a stupendous oxymoron.

What a cliff hanger! She’s one of the worst self-centred obsessive paranormal romance heroines I’ve ever read. And then Guy was introduced- I automatically thought- well there is Tristan, but then there were times that I thought he may have been Gregory; again, I should have read the first three books and maybe I would have known a little better the mannerisms of both Tristan and Gregory.


But instead Chandler only gives us scant pieces of information at the end with him about not knowing who he was, what really happened to Luke.

You really couldn’t find a elizabsth boyfriend. Aussie readers, pop over to enter! Those who believe in angels see tangible proof they exist.

Honestly, I would have enjoyed it a lot more and gotten some of the answers I wanted without having Ivy know, so Chandler could have kept the suspense. Now, browsing on Amazon, I see it was actually written in the mid’s and recently reprinted, so the sequel was probably the author capitalizing on the current huge trend of young adult paranormal romance. Its really sweet and romantic.

Bring on the next one! She lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Among the contenders we have werewolves and various other changelings, succubi, mermaids, demons and other brutes and, of course, angels. Books by Elizabeth Chandler.

It’s hard to believe that back then, that’s all I had to say about this book. The planchette made another counterclockwise circle. I did enjoy the book but when Tristan and Ivy were able to communicate the the writing was super duper cringeythey are teenagers, not 90 years old!

: Evercrossed (Kissed by an Angel Book 4) eBook: Elizabeth Chandler: Kindle Store

His love for her felt like a miracle. I certainly won’t pay full price because Chandler has shown she can’t be trusted to deliver a completely interesting and exciting story all the way through. She helps him escape the hospital and get on his feet, all the while pushing her friends and boyfriend away. Write a customer review. If your a fan of the Kissed by an Angle series, you should really enjoy this exciting gem, but if you didn’t like the evercrosssed before, your not going to like it now.


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I didn’t hate them as much as Suzanne, but I wasn’t too fond of them. I know hate is a strong word and I’ve never said I hate a book before in my life, if I didn’t like it I’ve always Published on K-Books http: She wants nothing more than to lie on the beach, sip lemonade, and hang out with her friends.

No matter elizabetb I say, I can’t convince someone to read it, but chances are if you made it to this part, you’ve been interested in something I’ve had to say about this book. Will looks into Guy, searching into missing person reports everxrossed discovers that he is a wanted criminal, for killing his girlfriend.

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