Bibliography of the Writings of Karl Jaspers to Spring compiled by Kurt Rossman – – In Karl Jaspers & Paul Arthur Schilpp (eds.), The Philosophy of . Karl Jaspers (–) began his academic career working as a . his Psychologie der Weltanschauungen (Psychology of World Views). Karl Theodor Jaspers was a German-Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher who had a strong In , at the age of 38, Jaspers turned from psychology to philosophy, expanding on themes he had developed in his psychiatric works.

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Martin Heidegger, Critical Comments on Karl Jaspers’s Psychology of Worldviews – PhilPapers

Schriften zur Existenzphilosophie Dominic Kaegi Hrsg. Jaspers says that philosophy is possible because this absurdity — reaching for something that backs away — is something we can learn to work with.

It is not experiencing being, or feeling that one is located, in a certain place. He grew up and was educated in the political culture of North German liberalism. Science should be our lodestar worldvieqs point of departure, but it cannot supply all the answers we need.

Translated as Myth and Christianity: Gandhi was suspicious of reason, was a traditionalist about religion, advocated using symbols in politics because many people cannot understand complicated issues, was a nationalist, was an advocate for celibacy and held the view that everyone in his country should spend one half-hour a day at a spinning wheel.

This is a slightly different use of the word autochthonous than the ordinary medical or sociological use as a synonym for indigenous. ISBN In production. James Collins – – Modern Schoolman 49 4: He died of a stroke in Basel, Switzerland on February 26 at the age of The self-awareness of the individual is only a flickering in the closed circuit of historical life.

The Dial Press, Countless people, who did not grasp any Big Truth, who had no unheard-of powers of mind, who had virtually no education at all, but who risked their lives and even sacrificed their lives for complete strangers, become giants by contrast. Retrieved 10 June Science Logic and Mathematics. Jaspers tried to be such a person.


Heidegger says that we have to restrict ourselves to this task recovering the original motivational situations in which the fundamental experiences of philosophy have arisen and this restriction is exactly what philosophy is.

The Polish thinker and student of Jaspers Leszek Ko? Philosophy as FaithAmherst: The case we are looking at links up philosophy and realism seeing things but also philosophy and self-consciousness seeing oneself — getting it right seeing things as they are and getting a handle turning knowledge into agency.

Thus we are talking about reaching a new perspective but wherever we land we will have exactly the same work to do again. This has become known as the biographical method and now forms a mainstay of psychiatric and above all psychotherapeutic practice.

That is why the prejudices of the individual, far more than his judgments, constitute the historical reality of his being. Greg Beabout – – Modern Schoolman 66 3: However, whereas Kant saw transcendental ideas as the formal-regulative ideas of reason, serving, at most, to confer systematic organization on reason’s immanent operations, Jaspers viewed transcendental ideas as realms of lived knowledge, through which consciousness passes and by whose experienced antinomies it is formed and guided to a knowledge of itself as transcendent.

Karl Jaspers – Wikipedia

Unlike Weber, however, Jaspers argued that the construction of world views is jawpers a merely neutral process, to be judged in non-evaluative manner.

Philosophy at the Threshold of the FutureLanham: Am I not responsible for myself and accountable for what I do? Translated as, Man in the Modern Age, trans.

Worrying about something is attending to it and making it present. University of Arizona Press, The first step in philosophy is to clear a space in which a new kind of thinking can occur.

Karl Jaspers’ Concept of Universal History in the Context of his Age and Ours

Escaping from ignorance requires some psychological sophistication, e. We make our way forward from the natural standpoint to a philosophical framework — the work of explicit observation, analysis, critique, conjecture and refutation — by talking.

It is replying to something, mediated by the culture, but also transcending the culture. Even in his last writings of the s, in which he declared tentative support for the activities of the student movement aroundthere remain traces of elite-democratic sympathy. After being trained psychoology and practicing psychiatry, Jaspers turned to philosophical inquiry and attempted to discover an innovative philosophical system.


He was the son of a banker and a representative of the parliament LandtagesabgeordnetenCarl Wilhelm Jaspers — and Henriette Tantzen —who also came from a family that was involved in local parliament. Kar the outset, therefore, Jaspers’s wprldviews, although methodologically marked by Weber, was also indelibly stamped by Hegel’s philosophy, and it sought to integrate worldiews preconditions of Hegel’s phenomenology into worldvisws systematic psychological doctrine.

Broadly reconstructed, in his later political work he argued that the emergence of European totalitarianism—exemplified by both National Socialism and Communism—was the result of a decline in political humanity and of an increasing primacy of modes of technical or instrumental rationality, which erode the authentic resources of human life.

An Introduction to his Philosophical Activitytrans. In this respect, Jaspers revisited some of the controversies concerning the relation between religion and philosophy which shaped the philosophy of the Young Hegelians in the s. While practicing psychiatry in Heidelberg, Jaspers came into contact with the historian, economist, pioneering student of comparative religion and founder of sociology, Max Weber.

Retrieved 22 October Jaspers was one of the few German intellectuals who was not tainted by association with Nazism and he played an wordviews part in the reform of German universities after the war.

All I can do is hold on to remnants and traces of Being in the form of beings — also the void left behind by its retreat. Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main 8. Next to Nietzsche, or rather, prior to Nietzsche, I consider him to be the most important thinker of our post-Kantian age. The English translations were by Ralf Manheim and edited by Hannah Arendt, and appeared in parts until